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Isobel Bradley

When I was appearing for my High School Finals, I was quite perplexed and confused. I needed some extra coaching and didnt know whom to contact. That is when a friend suggested At Albans Education. The company has experienced tutors who helped me understand my strengths and this has helped me immensely in getting through high school. Thank you!

Rhys Hill

I always struggled with Mathematics. But, it was my dream to be an architect. For any course on architecture, mathematics is an essential subject. St Albans Education helped me overcome my fear of the subject with friendly tips and extensive guidance. Thanks!

Bethany Rahman

We are a working couple and this is a major reason we are unable to give a lot of time to our child's education. The little time that we get, we want to spend it going out for dinners or shopping. We realized that our child's academics had a negative impact and we wanted dedicated support. St Albans Education helped us here greatly.

You can improve your memory and increase your study time with few great tips for the upcoming examinations. You can improvise your study proficiency and get the best marks in the exams you are appearing for by following a simple study plan. St Albans education is one of the top most institutes that will help you in achieving the desired marks in your exam!

The first and foremost thing in effective study is the understanding of the study topics. If you find it difficult to understand few topics, then you must try to understand through illustrations or diagrams. This will be a great way to remember things in an easy way through understanding than by simple mugging up or memorizing. Asking questions show that you have understood the topic which is the reason why you have doubts. If there was nil understanding about the topic, then you wouldn’t have any doubt. One very important thing before the exam is attempting a pre-exam quiz. This will not only help you to finish your questions in the prescribed time frame but also give you a sense of confidence.

Incorporating different ways of study is the key to success. Sitting back with a book and a pen isn’t the only way you can study. There are a great number of ways that will help you in studying for the exam in innovative ways. Using as many aids and tools to help in studying is the way to increase your study time. You can try using flash cards, mind maps, puzzles, mnemonics, lesson planners and many others. Making a flexible exam plan is very important to help you in retaining the syllabus you covered. This is because you need to have a proper break in between your study otherwise the mind will get saturated and decrease the memory power. Choosing a room away from disturbances is important to help you increase your concentration span. A well lit study table or a couch will help you to study for a longer time. If there is improper lighting in the room, then the eyes will feel strained and hence you will end up getting tired soon. 


Most students don’t really understand that studying harder isn’t the only way to get the best marks in the exam. Exam success can be achieved easily through a proper study regime and by following the simple steps as mentioned by the mentors of St Albans educational institute. Following few simple steps will help you in retaining all that you studied. You can take few extra hours of study apart from the regular routine for the extra marks in your exams. Making down notes or penning down the notes is the best way to retain knowledge. This doesn’t imply that you simply memorize the subject but to make notes and understand the topic. Mugging up the subject and vomiting it out on the paper won’t fetch you good marks in the exam. The main idea of an exam is to assess the extent of understanding of the student.